Selected Exhibitions, Screenings, Prizes, etc.

2020 Salon des Refuses, S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney

2019 Waverley Art Prize – Acrylic Painting Prize (Winner)

2018 The Creative Act, Unit w Michael Lindeman, Delaware Contemporary, U.S.A.

2017 Tug of War (rope) Tug of Love (bon-bon), w Mitch Cairns, KNULP, Sydney

2015 Mosman Art Prize finalist

2014 63rd Blake Prize finalist

2013 TeleVisions, Carriageworks, Sydney

2012 Wunder Pond, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney University

2011 Spirit Hand Wandering, Chalk Horse, Sydney

2010 Bundanon Residency, Sherman Studio, Bundanon

2009 NSW Artists Marketing Grant, National Association for the Visual Arts

2008 Panoramas of the Imagination, Laboratoria Arte Alameda, Mexico City

2007 16th Video Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Publicity, Artspace Sydney & CACSA, Adelaide

2006 Grudge Match, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne

2005 Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship finalist (Highly Commended)

2004 Pablo Velasquez Shoeboarding, video screening, Valhalla Cinema, Sydney

2003 Avoiding the Eye Area, curator Koji Ryui, MOP Gallery, Sydney

2002 Carnal Care w Hana Shimada, Slacking Off, Imperial Slacks Gallery

2000 Super 8 Soiree, Sydney

1999 Wild Spaces Environmental Film Festival, Third Eye Cinema, Sydney

1997 CY-FI, video screening, Planet Hollywood Cinema, Sydney

1996 Raw Slices, Arthouse Gallery, Sydney

1992 Tramshed Arts & Community Centre, Sydney

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